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Click to go to the beginning. Click to go to the Gallery of Prominent Historical Figures. Click to go back. Click here to place a personal order.
Click to go to the beginning. Click to go to the Gallery of Prominent Historical Figures. Click to go back. Click here to place a personal order.

Mary Astell

1666 ⇦ 65 1731 

Ocupació: English protofeminist writer, philosopher, and rhetoricia.

Image Gallery

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Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell
Mary Astell

Mary AstellI have molded my interpretation from the pre-established stereotype of the studio portrait of a girl, painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

The statue shown in the video is a prototype and graphic representation, or 'rendering', of the sculpture. While the final physical statue may differ somewhat in chromatic appearance, it is possible to create an exact replica using materials like resin or lost-wax bronze casting.

You are free to:
Share - Copy and redistribute the images displayed here in any medium or format, as long as you follow the terms of the following license.

Mary AstellI have molded my interpretation from the pre-established stereotype of the studio portrait of a girl, painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

📣 Important Notice! Due to high demand and my commitment to quality, I have reached the maximum production capacity in my figurine workshop. Unfortunately, I am unable to accept new orders for approximately 3 months.
🎨 I am the sole artist behind each figurine, without factories or assembly lines. Each figurine is a unique masterpiece, created with love and attention to detail.
✨ Keep visiting my website to stay updated on upcoming news and announcements.
Thank you for your understanding and continuous support! !

Send me a message, without any obligation, so I can notify you when we set the price and availability.


Creation Process

  • I start a research on the character, read the biography and search all the information and images available on the web.
  • That’s when I start to get involved, reflect and get familiar with the character.
  • That’s when I start putting on “clay” paper the ideas and every detail of the character. The pose and attitude of the model is the basic part of the statue, I look for the best composition that reproduces and eternalizes our character. Model one or more sketches with Chavant Fine Art. Sculpting Clay.

Ideas born with clay!

  • Thanks to the new technologies of digital modeling and their knowledge, I can mold and express myself with 3D in the same way as when I do it with clay.
  • I use the most modern programs on the market, I start to mold in 3D the sketch made previously molded with Chavant clay.
  • In 3D modeling I reproduce one of the most difficult things to achieve in the digital world, the look and feel of real clay sculptures. I flee from hyperrealism, I want to leave my print, my line, my personal style.
  • I have located only two portraits of Emily Dickinson: 'Amherst' and that of Emily Dickinson and Kate Scott Turner of 1859, I have been guided by the recently discovered daguerreotype, showing her as a mature woman displaying a striking presence, strength and serenity, rather than as a teenager.
  • For Emily Dickinson's dress I have taken as a reference the portrait of 'Amherst'.
  • Before finishing the statue, I make a rendering of the prototype and a graphic representation, to see how it would look in reality, then that is when I make the final modeling touches.
  • Thanks to technology, today it is possible to print sculptures made in 3D with high quality resin. With SLA printers designed for use by artists.
  • What do you think Leonardo da Vinci, the Van Eyck brothers, the Impressionist painters and the vast majority of artists would do? advance, evolve!
  • All statues are painted with the highest quality Royal Talens Rembrandt acrylic color paints and brush.
  • If the statues are not exhibited, displayed, and disseminated, what is the point of all this work?
  • I want my work to be known and, taking advantage of the rendering, I make the relevant photos and videos to insert on the website and edit the creative spots of each character.
  • All these statues, in short, are the maquettes of the statues that I would like to mold in real size 1:1 with clay and then cast them in bronze.

“Mary Astell (12 November 1666 – 11 May 1731) was an English protofeminist writer, philosopher, and rhetorician. Her advocacy of equal educational opportunities for women has earned her the title «the first English feminist.»“    (Wiki - Mary Astell)

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