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Click to go to the beginning. Click to go to the Gallery of Prominent Historical Figures. Click to go back. Click here to place a personal order.
Click to go to the beginning. Click to go to the Gallery of Prominent Historical Figures. Click to go back. Click here to place a personal order.

Classical Composers - Collectible Statues


This exhibition is possible thanks to computer science, on the one hand, find all the available information of each composer on the web and the current 3D computer modeling. Do not think that it is as simple as pressing a button, and it is already done, it is more complicated than traditional sculpture, it requires a long process and many technical and artistic knowledge to get to show what you are seeing in this exhibition.

But what really matters is that the statue transmits the message that I wanted to convey, based on my own criteria, ingenuity, and artistic discernment, therefore, it is irrelevant what tool or technology it is made with. Artists of all genres have always gone along with technological evolution.

It is impossible to do all of the ones on the list, but I will mold the composer that seems to me, when it seems to me. You have to be motivated!

List of classical music composers by era - Wikipedia

I would very much appreciate knowing your opinion and your suggestions for new statues or whatever you think is convenient.


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